STYLISH LIVINGPRIME 4332 is a captivating residential development that combines the simplicity of architectural design with an authentic and unmatched sensation in harmonious living.  The project’s fresh and attractive style combine comfort and luxury while providing a healthy and safe environment for the whole family.

PRIME 4332 is strategically situated off the Presidential Palace road in the peaceful hillside community of Brasilia, one of the most sought after neighborhoods of Baabda.  The site is centrally located and enjoys excellent infrastructure, quality schools, medical facilities and playgrounds.

PRIME 4332 offers easy access to Damascus road, Beirut central district, international airport as well as most shopping malls and city attractions.

PRIME 4332 is home to 8 apartments each enjoying super deluxe amenities and a modern mix of premium quality materials:

* 2 ground floor apartments with private landscaped gardens each in excess of 300 sq meters.
* 6 typical floor apartments on the 1st , 2nd and 3rd level.